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Mouse traps

Mouse traps
by Marie Gordon

It seemed easy
To write you out
To catch your stealth
Persona by its tail

And how sweetly
I accepted
Rhetoric’s cure
Without a true poison

These dangling poems
Only squelched you
Needed a trap
To set once and for all

And place it down
As purely mine
Because hunting you
Will only deplete my cheese

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Machine life

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Machine life
By Marie Gordon

My heartbeat
Beeped on the screen
A jagged line
I was alive

Why did I wake
To feel this pulse
A plastic tube
For my lungs

To know life
Still pumped through me
But wasn’t mine
In my veins

A shadow
Of my body
Lays swallowing
Its life

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The bow

The bow
By Marie Gordon

You had me spun
Around your finger
Tightly bound
Resisting your pull

A ribbon strand
Like a piece of floss
Tugging fast
To wind myself still

I feel your strength
Clenching my twine
Testing me
To see if I’m taught

I still hold fast
Wrapped around you
As if you
Could tie my bow

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The fortress
By Marie Gordon

I built my fortress
With mortar and brick
Stacking the tons
Around me

Once I’d piled the walls
And sealed myself in
I waited inside
My stillness

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Spilt vector

By Marie Gordon
Will this poem write you out
As my pen pushes in
And the ink seeps through
Will your soggy hands shrivel

When I fiercely dot my i
Will it startle your sleep
And as the word imbeds
Will it pierce your calm pulse

When I shorten the words
Will they hold you fast
And still by their title
To grip and cut you out

When this verse concludes
Dripping from a swift point
Will its smooth blue lines fill
This page from your slick veins

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my reel

It’s been a while…nevertheless I am still writing. Here is my newest poem, one that comes from a train of thought that plays on ideas of spectatorship, reality and the concept that reality can interact with what one might have perceived as ’story-book fantasy’ through film. Hope you enjoy.

My reel
By Marie Gordon

If you could watch this reel
With me from start to end
Would you still hold my hand

Would you scoff at the plot
Or diminish the facts
Down to pitiful scrapes

How would you perceive the girl
Sputtering on this film
Like a sharp offering

And would you feel afraid
As you watched her bleed out
That one day she’d blame you

Could you love the body
You saw mutilated
By the unlikely beast

If you saw the damage
Would you carry her off
Or leave her on the screen?

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my kite tale

My kite tale
By marie gordon

Tugging a white string
I scampered through the weeds
Chasing a swift menace
As if wind had will

See how delicate
Those tiny toes splintered
Tumbling over sharp sticks
Smiling through the pain

Watching the kite fly
My plastic dream afloat
On God’s lofty blue sea
I could taste the rush

Begging for a breeze
Let my chariot rise
If God could lift the sky
A tad, it’d be great

Hold me little kite
And I’ll hold on to you
Lend me your bird’s eye view
And I’ll give you wings

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By Marie Gordon

I was the sea turtle
That swam underneath you
As you drifted out
Into the churning waves

As your tippy toes searched
For bottom I lingered
To see human hands
Buoyantly intertwine

How pulsing tides toss you
How stubbornly you drift
And test these sharp waves
As though you summoned them

I dare you, bold humans
To untangle your arms
To plunge in my sea
And feel the blue chill

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Reptile charms

Reptile charms
By Marie Gordon

Your cool breath hovers
Over shaking prey
Your deep voice whispers
Of gruesome fates

Green-eyed mirrors beam
Frames in shiny strands
Deriving smooth greed
From mousy sweats

And trembling beads drip
While glossy claws grin
How weak is the heart
That pulsates pleas

How strong is the smile
That breeds off cold flesh
Jagged and silky
The reptile’s charms

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By Marie Gordon

You drag the razor
Over your face
And wriggle out
Of your saggy skin

With a sanguine smile
Your skin slithers
Your crow’s feet peel
Off into the sink

Twinkling green eyes grin
In the mirror
At shiny skin
And the musky smell
Of new flesh

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